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video en vez de imagenes video en vez de imagenes

  • Publish Date: 31-10-2014

Hola buenas tardes Me gustaría conocer si OC tiene una opción de cargar un video (no adjuntarlo desde el editor). Es decir, que el usuario pueda elegir un video desde su equipo para cargarlo si este no desea agregar imagenes. Muchas gracias

Hola buenas tardes Me…

Can't Download Theme Can't Download Theme

  • Publish Date: 31-10-2014

Has anyone else come across this. I put my licence number in the box and it says can not download theme. I paid good money for this theme and I want it back. This is for the CZsale theme.

Has anyone else come across…

Software Version: 2.2.1

posting futured ad posting futured ad

  • Publish Date: 30-10-2014

is there way or can it be set checkout for visitor direcly on posting page for making ad to the top without login? thanks

is there way or can it be set…

how to cancel the theme_mobile? how to cancel the…

  • Publish Date: 30-10-2014

Hi I plan to buy a theme but the ''theme_mobile'' runs on some old computers (it should'nt), so is there an option to remove the mobile theme? Or how can I cancel the theme_mobile? thanks

Hi I plan to buy a theme but…

Software Version: 2.2.1

Can mod rewrite be turned off Can mod rewrite be turned off

  • Publish Date: 28-10-2014

I installed open classifieds on my windows server running IIS 7. It won't work because of the need for the Mod_rewrite. Is there a way to turn this off so I can get things set up and fix the issue later?

I installed open classifieds…

Error during update from 2.2.0 Error during update from 2.2.0

  • Publish Date: 27-10-2014

Unfortunately some gone wrong, and now in panel-tools-general I see: Since you are loged in as admin only you can see this message: Undefined index: disallowbots It's been loged in Panel->Tools->Logs for more information regarding this error. Sorry!…

Unfortunately some gone wrong,…

Software Version: 2.2.1

User access User access

  • Publish Date: 27-10-2014

Hello,  First sorry for my bad english i'm french. I have download the 2.2.1 version, but when an user log in this panel i can show all ad of all my website... I want the user only show his own ad. thanks

Hello,  First sorry for my bad…

Software Version: 2.2.1

ads payment method ads payment method

  • Publish Date: 27-10-2014

Hi, I am interested in buying your script and I want to know is there an option to charge only ads in chosen categories with Kamaleon theme (other categories stay free)?

Hi, I am interested in buying…

Remove Image placeholder Remove Image placeholder

  • Publish Date: 27-10-2014

Sir, I have purchased a CZ Sale theme and i want to remove image placeholder from the category displayed on home page. Please help me

Sir, I have purchased a CZ…

Software Version: 2.2.1

Issue with header. Issue with header.

  • Publish Date: 25-10-2014

Have a strange issue... When putting "www." infront of my website URL ( all the symbols in the header disappear. but is your just use it works fine.

Have a strange issue... When…

Software Version: 2.2.1




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