Hi, Can someone please help me. Im using premium theme reClassified3 2.9.0 version. Since the use of google map api key, the map in publish new and the map in ad view no longer working. Now its just showing blank space. I follow all the instruction to use google map api key: - Update premium theme reClassified3 to the latest version which is 2.9.0 - Got google map api key from google - Add the google map api key in my website settings - Enabled google maps in publish new - Enabled google maps in ad The problem now is for the new ad that created: - Its no longer showing any of the maps in publish new and in ad. - For the older ad created prior google map api key still showing the map correctly. - Map widget still working correctly and showing the locations. Can some one please help out. Cheers, Hadi.  

Link to your site/problem: www.surferparadise.directory

Software Version: 2.9.x

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