Hi there, 

I have some questions regarding  the best way to organize a site that will contain communities of users that operate independently from each other. For example sports clubs.

Option 1) Have one category for each user group (e.g. a series of sports clubs ). The user would click on their sports club name and see all ads for that club. Then they would have to either search to find the kind of specific item that they need or they would need to scroll down and view all ads.

The problem with this option is the difficulty of finding items.
Is there any way to add a script of some sort on the category pages (e.g. their sports club name is a category), that groups the item types? For example, Tennis Raquets (2 items), Tennis Shoes (8 items).

Option 2) Have a sub-domain for each sports club.
The user will click on the name of their sports club then they will see the item category list (e.g. Tennis Raquets (2 items), Tennis Shoes (8 items) and they can then choose the item category that they wants to browse. 

How would the category list (item names) be displayed on the sub-domain page? Would this possible in a table showing the number of items with the category labels? (e.g. Tennis Raquets (2 items), Tennis Shoes (8 items)?
Would the admin have to log in separately to each sub-domain?

Could we create a sub-domain template so we could quickly manually add the basic data (sports club name, contact details, logo/graphic, etc)?

And lastly  . .  . does the software support a search field that the users start typing their sports club name in and once they have a partial match a list of possible sports clubs shows?

Many thanks for your assistance.


Link to your site/problem: www.uniformme.co.nz

Software Version: 2.3.0

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