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My OPen clssifieds website failed google mobile friendly test

Description: I recently started a website, after 2 months and about 40-50 visitors daily, when it was not getting indexed, I checked and found out it might be because it fails mobile friendly test If you need a link http://addelhi.com Please help me out, I also think this might be because I am not using latest version as godaddy.com installatron does not support it and I did'nt want to install it manually If I could do some tweaks it would be really nice

Publish Date: 12-10-2016

How to use custom css to change content container size

Description: I have started a website http://addelhi.com I have started it a while ago and I need to change my css, I used custom css option and it does not seem to be working The thing I want to do is change my .container size from 980px fixed to inherit, as it is not responsive in 980px fixed style and it looks a little odd in large screen sizes. The exact code I copied to css is .container { width: inherit; } Please suggest any changes

Publish Date: 05-10-2016