• Created: 29-01-2014
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Kerry topics

Not getting any email notices with the new ads

Description: Is anyone else having this same issue too? I have the latest OC script installed and it runs great!!! However, whenever someone creates a new ad or ads, I am not getting any email notices like I use to. Not too sure how or why this is happening. Any ideas? Thanks!

Publish Date: 24-07-2015

Why is my site running so slow?

Description: I have the latest version installed. Just the last few days, I noticed that is running super slow. However, before we install the script onto my main domain, we first test it out and customize it on our sub-domain at On the sub-domain, the script runs fast with no issues. However, it runs slow on the main domain. Does anyone else have these same issues too? Thanks!

Publish Date: 02-06-2015

Ads are not showing up properly?

Description: The site is working fine up until you click on the ads and then nothing... Here's a short video to show what I mean: Anyone else having the same issues as us? Thanks!

Publish Date: 19-01-2015

Login Pop up page is not working properly

Description: Has anyone else come across this problem too? When we switched over to the 2.3.0 version, everything was working fine. Now when we try to log in, the pop up log in page doesn't show up properly/ I have attached a video showing what I mean:

Publish Date: 11-01-2015

SPAM filter?

Description: Not too sure if anyone else is having the same problem that I am having. Numerous users have complained to me about this same issue. When they tried to create a new posting, the posting automatically get marked as spam by the system. Not too sure why this is happening. Anyone else having the same problems?

Publish Date: 16-10-2014

How to make a PRIVATE GROUP in a forum

Description: I have added a forum to my site using the OC Forum tips. I was wondering if it's possible to make a PRIVATE GROUP inside this forum? So only certain people are allowed to view and post in this private group.  I know this feature is quite commonly used in various forums and social media out there. But we do this with the OC 2.2.1 forum script? And if yes, how would we go about it? Thanks!

Publish Date: 15-10-2014

expanding into other countries

Description: I have a site that is focused on Canada currently. I would like to expand into another country: Germany And eventually over time expand even more into other countries. Has anyone using OC expanded into several countries themselves. If so, any tips? I know the big ones like craigslist and backpage are huge and all over the world. Perhaps we can learn  something from them and model after them in certain areas? Thanks!

Publish Date: 29-09-2014

locations not showing up properly

Description: The locations are not showing up properly unless I log in. Just to show what I mean, I have made a short video clip of the issue. My programmer believes it is a glitch in the coding. Here's the video clip:

Publish Date: 05-09-2014

List View/Gallery View

Description: I hope I have reach the correct support. I am running Kamaleon theme on my site. Would like to know if my users can toggle between List View and Gallery View. I think it's avaliable on Olsen theme for now.

Publish Date: 26-04-2014

List View/Gallery View

Description: I am running the Kamaleon theme on my site. I guess for now, the users can't toggle between the List View and Gallery View.  I think it is available on the Olsen theme for now?

Publish Date: 24-04-2014

adding different views

Description: If you ever have gone onto Craigslist, you can view their listings 3 different ways. List View Thumb View Gallery View Is it possible to ever have Open Classifieds offer those types of views too?

Publish Date: 23-04-2014

New postings marked as SPAM?

Description: I recently had some users complained to me about their postings marked as spam and their postings wouldn't go through. Even when I tried to post on their behalf, I get the same thing.  Any ideas as to why some ads get marked as SPAM and as a result they can't publish their ads?

Publish Date: 10-03-2014